Bathroom renovation and installation costs are mostly broken down in to two distinct areas:

  1. Fixtures and fittings i.e. taps, tiles, bathroom suite
  2. Labour and building materials

For more detailed information on the costs involved, please refer to our guide.

The VBA legislation demands that any renovation works over a value of $10,000 must be carried out by a Registered Builder. All plumbing works must also be carried out by a Registered and/or Licenced Plumber. A Registered Building Practitioner (Limited) and Licensed Plumber, with the VBA, you can renovate with confidence by choosing the Victorian Bathroom Company.


It is always possible to change the layout of any existing bathroom suite to suit the clients requirements but take note that this sort of work will incur financial and time implications.

Yes, grout colour is a significant factor to the overall look and finish of a bathroom or any tiled area. Our experienced tiler is best placed to take in the account the layout, the amount of natural light, the colour of untiled walls and the overall style of the bathroom to provide you with some colour options. Basically there are two ways to go with grout colour, one that blends with the tiles or one that is in contrast and stands-out. We always use Ardex products and are fully accredited Ardex waterproofers.

The size of tiles is totally dependent on the customers preference, however there are a few rules and best practices when it comes to choosing the size. Generally; larger tiles can make a small room feel bigger and create an illusion of more space; smaller tiles will generate more grout lines which can look busier yet have more of a visual impact but bearing in mind that more maintenance is involved with the upkeep; mixing tile sizes in an area produces a unique effect to a room e.g. (wall) large 600mmx300mm laid horizontal with a mosaic horizontal border at chest height with the larger tiles situated on top of the border the same method can be applied vertically thus generating very different ‘looks’.

The answer to this questions ultimately comes to cost and how much a customer is willing to spend. If a room is fully tiled i.e. floor and full walls (floor to ceiling) then obviously this will incur extra cost due to purchase of tiles, materials and labour. Another factor is the style and design of the room; contemporay modern bathrooms need walls to be fully tiled from floor to ceiling (to create the modern look) where as transitional styles that combine modern with traditional will look best with a half or 3/4 tiling around the room.

With the ‘silly season’ fast approaching and many trades shutting up shop just before Christmas, Reece sourced some tradie tips, from us here at the Victorian Bathroom Company, on how to keep your renovation on track

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