Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

Dreaming of a new ensuite? Great!

This type of upgrade is a step toward getting more value from your home, as well as offering a great new space.

Even though it might seem like a relatively small job, there’s more to the ensuite renovation process than you might imagine – in fact, it can be just as involved as a main bathroom overhaul. 

We’ve created this checklist to provide you with a simple breakdown of what to expect from your ensuite bathroom renovation.
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The Process

1. Initial Consultation

Your installer will consult with you onsite at your home to find out your needs, assess the space, and get all the information they need to give you a quote. They’ll also show you examples of their range and answer any questions.   

Ideally, choose a company that will send an experienced installer to do this, rather than a salesperson. VBC’s quote consultations are conducted by fully qualified bathroom installers, who are able to provide expert advice and assess potential issues accurately.

2. Receiving a quote

Within 7 business days of your consultation, you will be issued with a comprehensive quote. VBC’s quotes detail all aspects of the job, including plumbing, plastering, carpentry, waterproofing and tiling. 

This complete quote allows you to see exactly where your money will be going. You can then make an informed decision about moving forward with your ensuite remodel.

ensuite consultation

3. Booking

The next step is booking in your renovation. Once you’ve accepted the quote, you’ll be able to secure a start date. This will require you to pay a 5% deposit.

At this point, VBC provides a process document outlining what the next steps are, including a schedule of payment stages. 

4. Selecting Materials 

After you’re booked in, you will be sent a Materials Checklist. This details the quantities of tiles required, as well as specs and sizes of the required fixtures and fittings.

You can then schedule an appointment at the installer’s showroom, where you’ll be able to select your preferred materials based on your style and budget. Selected items are stored until the project commences (you don’t need to store them yourself). 

Get a taste of VBC’s showroom below, or online here

bathroom renovation checklist

5. Preparation/check-in

A few weeks before your booked start date, your installer should check in with you to make sure everything is clear and agreed upon so we’re ready to go. At this point, VBC will send a Pre-Works Checklist – a handy guide for preparing your space. 

If applicable, the installer may arrange for a skip bin to be delivered to the site the day before work starts.

6. Commencement of work (Day 1)

On day 1, you’ll meet the installer/s onsite at your home. The set-up phase includes running through the project, unloading equipment, and covering walkways and other parts of the home to prevent damage. 

At VBC, our tradesmen start each project by completing a detailed checklist, which is then submitted back to the office. This ensures that everything is in order, and prevents delays or issues down the track. The checklist includes taking ‘before’ photos, checking that all materials, tiles and fixtures are on site, setting up, laying drop sheets, and arranging access/keys.

ensuite renovation

7. Installation Period

This is the main event: your new ensuite is put in! If any unforeseen need to change the design or vary the scope/timeframe of the works arises during this process, the installation team will communicate this to you clearly, as soon as possible. 

If such a situation arises, VBC’s installers will communicate this verbally (either in person or by phone), and follow up in writing (via email) for your approval. 

Our tradesmen take daily photos and report on works completed each day.

8. Work Completion 

Your newly renovated ensuite has been fully installed! A good installer will take responsibility for thoroughly checking the finished product, ensuring that quality is up to standard and all elements are as agreed on by the client. 

Upon completing work, VBC’s tradesmen will complete a Quality Systems Checklist and hold an onsite inspection with you to ensure you are happy with the work. 

All equipment will be packed down, mess cleaned up and waste removed from the site. Any access keys you provided will be returned to you. 

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9. Documentation

Following completion of the project, you will be issued with a final invoice, along with Compliance Certificates.

You should keep these for your records.

10. Follow Up 

After around 12 months, it’s a good idea to have your new ensuite checked for any maintenance needed.

A good installation company will follow up with you to assist you with organising this in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

ensuite renovation follow up

Extra Tips

  • For stylistic consistency across your home, it’s worth considering making your ensuite reno part of a larger project. This may include the main bathroom, and often the laundry as well. Having multiple rooms renovated at the same time is more efficient and cost-effective than doing them as separate projects, giving better value in the long term.
  • Be sure to choose an installation company that’s fully accountable for what’s being done in your home. VBC’s tradesmen take daily photos during the installation process, and report on works completed each day.
  • Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use the space during the installation process, so you’ll need to plan for this. We also advise our clients not to use the newly renovated space for a minimum of 48 hours following installation.
  • To maximise the lifespan of your new bathroom, it’s a good idea to have a shower service 12 months after installation. VBC will contact you with a reminder about this.

Ready To Renovate?

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