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Top 5 Bathroom Tile Ideas

The aesthetic choices for your bathroom are endless thanks to the variety of bathroom tile styles available.

Through the selection of tile colour, shape, layout pattern, and grouting colour, you have the flexibility to create a unique bathroom that you will love.

Timberline Kansas 1500 double vanity with over counter basins and matte black wall mounted basin mixers

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms as they are highly decorative and add a splash of colour to your bathroom tile design. A mosaic design is expertly crafted by assembling small pieces of different tile together to create either a random specific pattern formation.

Black and white feature floor tile against subway wall tiles

Natural Looks

If you’re looking for small bathroom tile ideas that can open up your bathroom to create a more spacious feel, consider opting for something natural and earthy.

A simplistic design with beige and sandy coloured tiles is a great way to open up your bathroom without making it look too cluttered with a busy design.

Fishtail Tiles

Given that your bathroom is a place where there is a lot of water, have you considered a more nautical tile design?

If you’re a lover of organic design, then fishtail tiles are a great way to subtly bring a touch of the ocean to you.


Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have hit a style resurgence in the last decade.

These tiles can be stacked horizontally or vertically and you can control how simple or lively the design will be through the colour choice. (1)


While some people love it, others get put off by the simple white bathroom tile ideas seen in many stylish houses as they find it can look too clinical.

It’s amazing how you can instantly add a dash of personality to your bathroom by adding a patterned inlay or feature wall to draw attention to a specific area in the bathroom.


With so many colours, tones, and shades, the opportunities to create a stylish design are endless.

Colour variety in your bathroom can be seen in the tiles themselves and the pattern they are placed in. Even the grouting you use can add a colour pop.



When one colour is not enough but a pattern is too much, terrazzo tiles subtly add a variety of pattern and tone to your bathroom without becoming too distracting.

Tile Your Bathroom with Confidence

Just like other areas of the house, the bathroom offers endless style freedom due to the great variety of tile designs available. If you’re looking for the latest bathroom tiles to enhance your bathroom space then please get in contact with our friendly team.

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Posted May 13, 2021

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