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After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most valuable room in the home to remodel. If your bathroom or ensuite is tired and dated then our complete bathroom renovation service will ensure that you are left with a room you will love to spend time in.

Our minimum spend, for a stylish yet simple full bathroom or ensuite renovation, starts from approx. $15,000 exc GST and this includes our trades labour and building materials. 

As a rule of thumb, labour and building materials costs are at least double, sometimes treble, the cost of the fixtures and fittings. This may seem quite a shock, but when you consider the number of professional trades and skills involved in such works you will understand why this is so. There are plumbers, tilers, waterproofers, plasterers and electricians to name but a few and with these trades working on a bathroom renovation for a constant number of days and weeks this is where the majority of the cost lies.

Before making such an important decision, it’s useful to have an idea about what a new bathroom costs, so here’s our guide to give you an idea of what makes up the final number:

Bathroom renovation and installation costs are mostly broken down in to two distinct areas:

  1. Fixtures and fittings i.e. taps, tiles, bathroom suite
  2. Labour and building materials

Here’s a rough approximation of the budget to high end figures involved for your fixtures and fittings:

Bath: $200 (standard acrylic) – $3,500  (the more expensive ultra-modern freestanding bath)

Shower base: $150 – $450 (non-tiled bases)

Tapware: $80  -$300 per set Shower head: $20 (basic shower head) -$700 (the more expensive include an elegant shower rail with two adjustable heads, fixed and sliding)

Vanity: $350 – $3,000 (keeping to standard sizes reduces cost and anything outside standard and/or custom made increases the cost)

Tiles: $30-$50 per SQM (cheaper tiles can cost more to lay, due to poor quality. For example the average bathrooms require 25SQM of tiles and so for an extra $10 per SQM / $250 you’ll end up with a better finish)

Shower Screen: $300 – $1,300 (standard sizes will more than likely be cheaper than custom made screens)

Accessories i.e. towel rail, toilet roll holder: $80 for a towel rail

Mirror: Budget for $200 for a custom made mirror

Basin: $250

Toilet: $250 – $950 (back to the wall basic models are cheaper than the inset cisterns)

It’s also worth noting that if you’re looking to re-design the layout of your bathroom then the labour and materials will increase accordingly, as will those bathrooms which are situated in apartment blocks with very difficult access and limited parking all of which add to the complexity of the works involved.

Another important factor to note is that it really doesn’t matter if your bathroom is small or large. Size has little effect on the cost as usually the same items are removed, installed and require the same plumbing, waterproofing and sealing as any sized bathroom does. It’s really only the area of tiling that changes. Smaller bathrooms will have less tiling works than larger ones. So don’t be fooled in to thinking that just because you have a relatively ‘small space’ that it makes it much cheaper.

At all times the Victorian Bathroom Company aim to provide value for money in regards to standard of our installations and our level of service. We’re not the cheapest but when compared to other companies who offer a similar service we are competitive. It is this, combined with our passion and 18 years’ experience in the bathroom and plumbing industry that have earned us both our reputation and respect.

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