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Bathroom Renovations for the Elderly

Knowing that your elderly loved ones are safe in their home provides some much-needed reassurance and comfort for your family.

Bathroom renovations for elderly people are designed following stringent safety standards and ensure that your loved ones have a bathroom that is easy to use and accessible with bathroom aids.

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comfort from elderly bathroom reno


Modifications provide people with a comfortable space within the home.

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Bathrooms designed for elderly people help give them more independence.



Bathrooms designs and considerations help avoid accidents and falls.

What do bathroom renovations for the elderly include? 

When making bathroom renovation decisions for your elderly or disabled loved ones, it’s important to consider their ongoing health requirements and plan accordingly. Designing a modified bathroom that meets their ongoing and changing functionality needs goes a long way in increasing their quality of life.

Bathroom renovations for the elderly often include the following: 

Walk-in Shower 

Walk-in showers remove any obstructions that may need to be avoided. Walk-in showers help minimise the risk of falling and feature a large flat area that users’ can walk or freely roll in and out of with a wheelchair.

Shower Seats 

Shower seats are either removable or permanent seating structures that your loved ones can use for additional support whilst in the shower. This ensures they can spend time in the shower without getting uncomfortable or unnecessarily tired.

Grab Rails

Grab rails are typically placed near the toilet, shower or bathtub and make it easier to independently use the facilities. Having something to hold on to while using the toilet or bath can help minimise the risk of falling or slipping.

Higher Toilets with Rimless Technology 

By raising the toilet seat, your loved ones can avoid lowering themselves to levels where they become unsteady or struggle to stand up from. Combined with rimless technology, higher toilet seats are also easier for your loved ones to clean on their own. 

Integrated Armrest on Toilet Suites

Adding armrests to your loved ones’ toilet suite helps turn the toilet into somewhere that they can relax, without fear of falling. Armrests are used as an aid when standing up or sitting down.

Dementia-Friendly Tapware

Dementia-friendly tapware is designed to help your elderly or disabled loved ones easily use the taps in their bathroom. Dementia-friendly tapware is colour coded and easy to turn for people with restricted mobility.

Non-Slip Tiles and Mats

Non-slip tiles and mats help prevent accidents in the bathroom. Non-slip tiles use special non-slip technology to prevent falls and can be installed throughout the entire bathroom. Additionally, non-slip mats can be placed in wet areas of the bathroom.

Specialist Vanity

Specialist vanities are designed to allow for better access for those who use walkers or wheelchairs. Specialist vanities often leave space underneath, so that your loved one can get as close to the vanity as they need.


Making your loved ones feel safe, at home

Feeling safe at home is a universal right, however as needs change, so do the basic necessities required to feel safe.

Bathroom modifications for elderly or disabled individuals can be done at home by carers, as long as the renovations follow a carefully thought out plan and design. If your loved one has more serious requirements, more involved renovations should be done by professional bathroom renovators to achieve the safest and highest quality results.

Renovating a bathroom to suit your loved ones’ needs can help to save you money long term, lessening the likelihood of your loved one needing to be moved to aged care because of poor at-home facilities. Further, bathroom renovations can help to improve the mental health of both you and your loved one, as they have more independence and feel more confident.

The Victorian Bathroom Company can provide home modifications and repairs to eligible clients requiring support through SWEP or NDIS. 

VBC Difference

At the Victorian Bathroom Company, we understand just how important it is that any bathroom renovations for elderly or disabled people are undertaken with care and thorough consideration for individual needs.

We are approved NDIS bathroom renovations supplier, as well as authorised providers for SWEP home modifications. 


Everyone is different and requires a unique bathroom design based on their functional needs and personal preferences.

We are dedicated to understanding our clients and the people who will be using the bathroom, to ensure we make it comfortable, safe and functional for users and carers. 

Grant Consideration

Caring for your loved ones is supported by the government provided that you or your loved one meets the necessary grant requirements. 

We have extensive knowledge of aged care support grants and help our clients get the most support from the government as possible. 


Are you eligible for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)? The Victorian Bathroom Company are an authorised provider of NDIS bathroom modifications.

Rules and Regulations

Understandably, there are numerous government rules and regulations that must be followed when completing bathroom modifications for disabled people.

As a part of our guarantee, we meet and exceed government standards for bathroom renovations and designs.


At the Victorian Bathroom Company, our team are bathroom renovation specialists. 

Our experienced and professional team includes licensed plumbers, registered building practitioners and more, ensuring that any bathroom renovations are conducted to the highest quality and standard. 


The Victorian Bathroom Company are proud to provide bathroom and home modifications through the SWEP (State-wide Equipment Program).

Keep your loved ones at home.

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