5 Reasons to Hire a Bathroom Renovation Specialist

Modern bathroom with walk in shower

1. Insurances,
Warranties & Guarantees

Need we say more? We at the Victorian Bathroom Company are a Registered Builder and Licenced Plumber. We take accountability for our workmanship and permanently employ our small team of 4 experienced and qualified tradesman – which means we won’t pass the buck if something we to go wrong.

We comply to the strict guidelines of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and provide all applicable insurances; Public Liability, WorkCover and Domestic Building Insurance as well as the required warranties on our work.

If there are any issues, down the track, either from your own renovation work or project managing individual trades yourself then who is going to come back and sort it out? Food for thought….

2. Experience

Whether you are renovating to update your bathroom space for resale purposes or a growing family then experience is paramount. If you’re a gung-ho DIY’er then fair play to you, but if tools are not your friend then you’re potentially opening up a whole can of worms you may not be best experienced to deal with. Structural works may be involved, knowing the products and their applications, cutting and laying tiles; these are all qualified skills which are acquired with the correct training and over time.

Experienced installers can also advise on best possible layouts, tiling set out, bathroom styles and how best to make use of your bathroom space.

3. Cost

Whilst ripping out the bathroom yourself may start out like a good idea, and a less costly one, look at the bigger picture before pulling out the sledge hammer. Bathroom renovations sometimes incur extra works which are unforeseen and unknown until demolition has taken place i.e. water damaged timbers, extra structural supports etc. Also, professional costs to rectify damage done by home owners and handymen can be more than if a trades company were hired to do the project from the start. There’s also a lot of other costs which can get forgotten about, such as skip hire, building materials (it’s not just the pretty tiles and stunning bathroom wares you need) and crucially having the right tools to complete the works; tile cutter, hole-saws, drills, bits etc.

A professional bathroom specialist should also be able to give you better prices on your bathroom suite, which will ultimately save you more money than going direct to the high street.

4. Time

The average house bathroom renovation should take a professional team between 2.5-4 weeks. This is based on 40 hours a week with 2 guys on site from start to finish. If you have A LOT of annual leave accrued then you’ve got time on your side, but if not then it could take 2-3 months for a single homeowner to complete a full renovation outside of normal work hours (and that’s without time to watch the footy or enjoy a social life).

5. A Professional Does a Professional Job

It’s really that simple. If you’ve done your homework on bathroom renovation companies, got a few quotes, read previous client testimonials and seen pictures of their work then you should have a pretty good idea of the standard of work they do. If that standard exceeds your expectations then you should feel amazing in knowing that your project is in good hands and a professional outcome and result will be delivered.

Posted July 8, 2019

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